Rich in vocal harmonies, interwoven guitars, and lyrics that are snapshots of everyday life, Howard Graves’ songs are a contemporary blend of pop, folk, and soft-rock that sounds familiar yet new.

About the Songs on This Album

You’re the Only Place: Most people have a place where they feel serene and comfortable. It might be in their grandmother s kitchen or on her front porch. It could be a certain place in a park or right there in their own home. We all have a favorite place, yet sometimes, a place can be a person. When we’re with a special person, an environment is created that envelops us, and we have a sense of actually being somewhere. This song is about that somewhere .

I’m Running After You: This is kind of a silly love song, but hey; what’s wrong with silly love songs? I was on my sofa one day, mindlessly strumming a guitar as I was watching a TV commercial. A man and a woman were running on a beach, so it could have been an advertisement for suntan lotion or vitamins anyway, I began singing, I’m running, I’m running, I’m running over and over, and eventually the idea came to me that I might be thinking about a current, budding relationship. Note: if a songwriter tells you that a certain song of his or hers isn’t really about anyone in particular , don’t believe it.

Time: This tune was specifically written about a current celebrity who is often written about in the tabloids and seen on Hollywood gossip channels. She was being interviewed on TV, and despite being relatively young, she was obviously not living right. She looked lost. I thought to myself, I’ll bet she doesn’t think that time will ever catch up with her.

You Never Know: I think we all have a guardian angel who keeps tabs on us and occasionally turns our steering wheel when the need arises. I really do but it would take way too long to explain why I think that. This song is about the inner voice in our heads, which just might be the angel talking to us. You just never know.

Save Me: You can interpret this one any way you want to, or don’t interpret it all.

Something More: This song is self-explanatory on one level, yet it also wanted to imply that there is a powerful, unseen hand guiding much of what we do or experience. When you are in a relationship with a person who is perfect for you , you might find that you simply cannot explain how it happened. It might be luck or fate, but it also could be something much more than that. You never know.

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